And So It Begins..

Okay, so first of all.. I created yet another blog about 3 weeks ago. Something called a Weebly. It was cute and I liked the layout, but I realized no one else has a Weebly.. and therefore no one can follow me. And I can’t follow anyone. Which seems quite boring as far as blogs go.

So here I am.. creating yet another stinkin’ blog. Seriously, I have so many of these things floating around the internet that I should SERIOUSLY be famous by now. Or at least have hundreds of faithful followers.

But my problem is that I start blogs when I’m bored.. and it’s late at night.. like right now. And then the next day comes and I work and take care of the house and go grocery shopping and do who knows what else.. and then I completely forget about my cute little blogs that I spend so much time creating.

Therefore, my pledge to you.. dear faithful reader of.. well, no one right now.. I pledge that I will be better at this blogging thing! Because I really want to have a hobby of some sort.. and what better than playing on a computer? I spend enough time on Pinterest, I could dedicate a whole blog to my pins!

So wish me luck and let’s begin this awesome journey together! (Yet again.)


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