30 Day “What If” Challenge – Day 10

30 Day “What If” Challenge

Day 10 :  What if you could have only one food for the rest of your life (assuming that this would not affect your health), which food would you choose?

Ahhh, this one is so difficult! I actually have this really bad habit of becoming “addicted” to certain foods. I’ll eat something nonstop for days.. and then I get really, really sick of whatever it is. Like to the point of I won’t eat it again for a really long time. So this is a terrible question for me! Could we maybe do a food group? Because I feel like I could probably eat soup every day for the rest of my life. Or quesadillas. Or actually, just Mexican food! Yumm.

If I had to pick.. maybe.. really, really good.. fresh cut.. FRENCH FRIES. With vinegar.

What would you pick if you had to choose?


30 Day “What If” Challenge – Day 9

30 Day “What If” Challenge

Day 9 :  What if you could commit any crime and get away with it, what would you do?

Hmm I’d probably rob a bank. As long as no one would get hurt and I wouldn’t get caught – who wouldn’t want to get a little extra money? Or even a million dollars. If I could do that and get away with it, I’d definitely donate some money to charity.. just to ease my guilty conscience. And then I’d go shopping and buy lots and lots of shoes. And Coach purses. And dog toys for my furry babies. Oh, and pay off my house. And oh goodness, I could go on and on..

What crime would you commit?

While The Husband’s Away..

The wife will organize.

Yes, it’s true. My husband went out for the night for a friend’s birthday and I opted to stay home.. and CLEAN. Well, to be more exact, to stay home and organize my closet. It took me way longer than I thought it would and I didn’t even completely finish the job, but I’ll post some pictures so you can see my awesome work in progress 🙂 I’m thinking I would love to paint it purple.. and then add black and white and silver/glittery accents. Because you know what? It’s my closet and my space and I don’t have to share! Woohoo!

So on another note, I’m constantly trying to come up with different things to write about and I’ve decided that once a week I’m going to come up with a list of my Top Ten Favorite Things. It might be foods.. or makeup brands.. or products.. or who knows what. And it won’t always be on the same day, just whenever I feel like coming up with a random list. Why did I choose this? Well, I’m sitting here catching up on my DVR’d shows and I realize I have way too many shows set to record and saved up in my list. Like way, way too many.

So for Week 1 of my Top Ten Favorite Things.. in no particular order:

My Top Ten Guilty Pleasure  Shows

1.  Underemployed on MTV (currently watching!)
2.  Vanderpump Rules on Bravo (starring Lisa Vanderpump of RHOBH!)
3.  Desperate Housewives (watching on Netflix)
4.  Gossip Girl (so sad that it’s over!)
5.  Teen Mom 2 on MTV (and the original TM, and most likely TM3)
6.  Awkward on MTV (currently in between seasons)
7.  Snooki & J-Woww on MTV (I’m really ashamed of this one)
8.  Dancing With the Stars on ABC (can’t wait for the new season!)
9.  Extreme Cheapskates on TLC (crazy, crazy people)
10.  My Strange Addiction on TLC (even crazier people)

And two shows that I haven’t watched yet, but I’m sure will be equally guilty pleasures:

1.  Buckwild on MTV
2.  Washington Heights on MTV

So there you have it. And yes, these are ALL currently in my DVR. Whether they’re set to record when the new seasons start or whether they’re currently in there with new episodes to be watched. Of course I watch other shows that are not quite as ridiculous (because there’s no way my husband would watch any of the shows on my list), but those shows wouldn’t be considered my Guilty Pleasures! I love my trashy tv – especially reality tv – and no one can stop me! Hehehe

30 Day “What If” Challenge – Day 7

Day 7 :  What if you could be invisible for a day, what would you do and why?

I have two answers for this one! First, I’d go to all the top secret places like Roswell and inside the White House and Buckingham Palace and who knows where else. Basically every place that ordinary people aren’t allowed to go. Especially Roswell! Doesn’t everyone want to know what big ol’ secret is?! Maybe I’d see aliens!!

Second, I’d go around causing mischief and making people think there’s a ghost! How funny (ok, and kind of mean) would that be to just create mischief – like making inanimate objects move? I can’t think of any super awesome examples at the moment – due to exhaustion – but I think it’d be awesome. Maybe I just watch too many ghost shows?

What would you do if you were invisible for a day?