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What I’ve Learned About Having Two Dogs

((First of all, let me say this – I think I jinxed myself by writing yesterday’s post about being a nurse because last night was TERRIBLE at work. Almost exactly like I wrote. Ugh. But stay tuned for Part 2 in the future!))

So today I’m going to talk a little bit about what it’s like having two dogs. And why we decided to take the big step and get a second one. Let’s start at the beginning..

We purchased Roxie – a Boston terrier – from a breeder. We picked her out when she was only like 3 or 4 weeks old and then had to wait until she was 8 weeks old to bring her home. Prior to deciding on a Boston, I read tons of information about different breeds. I read dog training books. I did research. I STUDIED!! So for some reason when we finally got her home, I seemed to forget everything and just spoil her rotten – she was just so cute!!! – and here we are. I have a spoiled rotten little demon dog.


Fast forward almost 2 1/2 years later – DH (dear hubby, as he will from now on be referred) and I were living in our first house. We decided Roxie needed a friend, a playmate. So we looked on Craigslist and found a picture of a Boxer who needs to be rescued. Enter Layla. She was about 10-15 lbs underweight, ribs were showing, covered in tics, and she was used for breeding and had the saggiest dog nipples I’ve ever seen. Basically, love at first sight. 


Let’s compare dogs..


Just turned 3 years old. Weighs approximately 15 lbs. Is a pure bred Boston terrier from a breeder. Enjoys playing with tennis balls, laying in the sun, cuddling under blankets, barking out the window, licking anything and everything, giving kisses on command, eating snacks. Bad habits include barking out the window in the middle of the night, peeing on the carpet in the bedroom, does not like being on a leash, refusing to go outside in the rain, playing in mud puddles, getting into the garbage in the bathroom, stealing people’s underwear, destroying stuffed toys all over the floor. Hates plastic bags.



The vet estimates her to be between 2 and 4 years old. Weighs approximately 55 lbs. Is a pure bred Boxer (as far as we’re aware), who was rescued from a puppy mill. Enjoys laying in the sun, chewing on bones, going for walks, chasing frogs, looking out the window, playing tug of war, sniffing everything, walking backwards, sleeping in her own doggie bed. Bad habits include drooling everywhere and barking at everything. Hates bathtime.

Finally, let’s get into the lessons I’ve learned..

1. Having two dogs is awesome because they can play with each other half the time and not drive you crazy 24/7.

2. Traveling with two dogs is much, much harder than just one. And finding people to dog-sit for you is also much harder.

3. A 55lb Boxer is capable of destroying toys much faster than a 15lb Boston terrier.

4. Walking two dogs at the same time is a very difficult task. (Thank goodness we have a fenced in yard.)

5. Cuddling with two dogs is so much better than only cuddling one dog.

6. Giving a 55lb dog a bath is much more challenging than giving a 15lb dog a bath.

7. Larger dogs don’t need to go potty as frequently – yay for bigger bladders!

And the biggest lesson I’ve learned..

The bad dog will teach the good dog bad behaviors, but the good dog will not teach the bad dog good behaviors. 

Basically, what I mean is this – when we first got Layla, she was so afraid of everything and so, so shy. Roxie has taught her to bark at everything, beg for food at the table, refuse to go outside in the rain, and destroy toys all over the floor. Meanwhile, Layla has taught Roxie.. nothing. Layla is still learning how to be a dog and how to play (we think she was previously abused), so it’s quite different watching her grow up than it was with Roxie.

The moral of this story? Well, there really isn’t one. This wasn’t actually a lesson on raising dogs (what do I know anyway? lol). Despite some of their bad habits – my dog are my little furry babies and I wouldn’t trade them for anything.

Do you have more than one dog? What changes did you notice when you went from one to more than one?