30 Day “What If” Challenge – Day 4

Day 4 :  What if one song were to describe your life, what song would it be?

Well, I’m not usually the type to say “Oh, this song is so me!” Yes, some songs make me more emotional than others. And yes, I sometimes think a song is very similar to my life. But honestly, I doubt I could ever listen to a song and feel like the song was describing me. So I may not be answering this question appropriately (I’m sorry!), but I’m just going to talk about a song that means a lot to me and a song that always makes me think about my life when I listen to it.

taylor swift

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The song I choose is – “The Moment I Knew” by Taylor Swift. Here’s some of the lyrics:

And it was like slow motion
Standing there in my party dress
In red lipstick
With no one to impress
And they’re all laughing
And asking me about you
But there’s one thing missing
And that was the moment I knew

What do you say
When tears are streaming down your face
In front of everyone you know
And what do you do when the one
Who means the most to you
Is the one who didn’t show

You should’ve been here..
And I would’ve been so happy.

((When you listen to the whole song, I believe it’s about a girl getting stood up by her boyfriend at her birthday party. But that’s not why I like this song or why I feel like I connect with this song.))

The first time I heard this song it made me think about my wedding day and how my grandparents weren’t there. It makes me think about my wedding day and how my dad wasn’t there. It just makes me think about every big day in my life and how there’s so many people that should’ve been there..  but they weren’t.

But the reason I love this song so much..

My grandfather was one of the most important people in my life. We were so incredibly close for as long as I can remember. I always imagined him walking me down the aisle on my wedding day.. so when he passed away less than 6 weeks before my wedding, I was crushed. Beyond crushed. And now every time I listen to this song, it just makes me think about him. It makes me think about how he should’ have been there. How I would’ve done anything to have him there.

Do you have a song that describes your life?


Holy Joly Christmas!

So every year growing up my family had a real tree. It was always in our living room and had the most random assortment of ornaments ever. Then Joel and I started living together and for some reason we ended up getting an artificial tree. Well not this year! I finally convinced him that we NEEDED to have a real tree.. or else I’d just die! And surprisingly my tactics worked 🙂 Luckily our house has 10ft ceilings because I may have gone overboard..

Love at first sight!

Love at first sight!

Once we got her home we decided to start some new traditions of our own. We got out a good ol’ John Valby holiday cd (if you’ve never heard of him.. he takes real Christmas songs and makes them dirty, sexual, raunchy, etc. but my husband loves him, so I agreed) and a big ol’ bottle of wine and we began to set up our first Christmas tree in our first house together! We decided to put it in our dining room this year because we don’t have a dining room table (yet!) and there’s a nice big window so people can see the tree from the road.

Ready to be decorated!

Ready to be decorated!

Now I might be biased but I seriously think it’s the most gorgeous tree I’ve ever seen! I didn’t quite plan for such a big tree so I need to buy more lights and our house needs more Christmas decorations but I’d say it’s a pretty good start 🙂

Finished product.. Gorgeous!

Finished product.. Gorgeous!

Tree skirt

Tree skirt

Non-traditional tree topper

Non-traditional tree topper

Found this instead of a wreath

Found this instead of a wreath

Music Makes Me Cry

For just this morning, right there on her pillow

Was the cruelest of any surprise

And she cried when she gathered it all in her hands

The proof that she couldn’t deny

And Sara Beth closes her eyes.

So I’m sitting here watching Couples Therapy on VH1 – yes,  I’m a reality show junkie – and they had this couple make a guest appearance to talk about their experiences and how they managed to overcome struggles throughout their marriage. This couple had a teenage daughter named Sara Elizabeth and she was diagnosed with cancer and eventually died from her disease. A songwriter wrote a song called “Sara Beth” about this young girl which was eventually picked up by Rascal Flatts. I posted some of the lyrics above, but it’s seriously the sweetest, saddest song ever. I was sitting there listening to this couple talk and watching this video about their life and their daughter with tears rolling down my face. Seriously, this made me cry like a baby.

It always amazes me how emotional I get from listening to certain songs, but I think that’s what is supposed to happen. These people put all their heart and soul into making these songs and they want us to feel connected, right? Well, I think so. There are so many songs that make me have such a strong emotional reaction.. another one is “The Moment I Knew” by Taylor Swift. But I’ll get into that another day. Do you have any songs that do this to you??

UPDATE: Apparently the song by Rascal Flatts is actually called “Skin,” but the original title from the songwriter was “Sara Beth.” Sorry for the confusion!