Oh, What A New Year

Oh gracious. I promise I’m not neglecting you my faithful readers (there has to be some of you.. right?!). I wish I had more time to update, but I’ve been way too busy being sick (I think I’m finally better now), working, and cleaning like a crazy person because I was preparing for my mom’s arrival. She arrived on Thursday and is staying until the 10th so I can’t guarantee a ton of updates this week.. sorry!


She really, really wanted a sign.

We had a billion days of rain last week so on Saturday when I took the dogs out afterย working all night.. my precious little Roxie decided to lay on her belly and pull herself through piles of mud. Yep, through the mud. She was quite pleased with herself.. until she realized that it meant I would be giving her a bubbly bath. At 8am. After I worked 12 hours. UGH! But look how cute she is ๐Ÿ™‚


Muddy feet.

I’m working on organizing my life and my first project was using my awesome new makeup organizer that I talked about here and that you can purchase here. I seriously love it! It’s meant to be placed on top of the counter, but I have a serious issue with things cluttering my counters.. so I made room for it under my cabinet and it’s beautiful! I seriously love using it and now I need to go out and buy more makeup because the whole back half of it is literally empty.



Today is Playoff Sunday.. let’s go Redskins! My mom and I made a feast with tons of yummy foods and most importantly, we made Cranberry Pomegranate Sangria! You can find the awesome recipe here which I found on Pinterest, of course. It’s seriously amazing. Unfortunately, the Redskins appear to be losing and will most likely have lost by the time I end up publishing this. My dear hubby is not very happy.


Pot ‘o Sangria.

So I guess I’m going to finish this update with my New Year’s Resolutions.

1. To become a better, more successful blogger. I want to become more involved in the awesome WordPress blogging community and participate in daily activities. Or maybe even make my own daily activities/topics to blog about! I have a seriously hard time updating when I have to work, so I can’t promise daily updates, but I hope to update at least 3 times a week. One of my favorite things is “It’s OK Thursday” by an old coworker of mine. You can read her blog here.

2. To become more involved at work. I’ve already begun working on this goal, go me!! I’ve been working as a floor nurse for 3 1/2 years now and I feel like it’s time to start working on my career. I’ve agreed to be a preceptor to a senior nursing student for an entire semester (which should be starting in the next few weeks). I’ve agreed to take a charge nurse class. I signed up for an ACLS class. I’ve signed up to be on a committee to help educate other nurses on new nursing skills. I feel like I’m heading in the right direction, especially because education is something else I’m very passionate about.

3. To become more organized in my life. Pinterest exists for a reason!! I’ve pinned a billion different ways to clean and organize my life.. now it’s time I get started! I’ve already begun working on this goal. Go me! My next task is figuring out how to make my closet a little less chaotic.. at least until we can have someone come in and customize/rebuild my walk-in closet for me. I also hope to FINALLY paint some more rooms in this big ol’ house. I’ve only succeeded in painting the living room, the downstairs half bath, and the upstairs guest bathroom.. and we’ve lived here since May!


I have way too many beauty products.

I think I’ll just leave it at that for now. Wish me luck!

And now something to make you giggle.. that I found on Pinterest.. of course.



Holy Joly Christmas!

So every year growing up my family had a real tree. It was always in our living room and had the most random assortment of ornaments ever. Then Joel and I started living together and for some reason we ended up getting an artificial tree. Well not this year! I finally convinced him that we NEEDED to have a real tree.. or else I’d just die! And surprisingly my tactics worked ๐Ÿ™‚ Luckily our house has 10ft ceilings because I may have gone overboard..

Love at first sight!

Love at first sight!

Once we got her home we decided to start some new traditions of our own. We got out a good ol’ John Valby holiday cd (if you’ve never heard of him.. he takes real Christmas songs and makes them dirty, sexual, raunchy, etc. but my husband loves him, so I agreed) and a big ol’ bottle of wine and we began to set up our first Christmas tree in our first house together! We decided to put it in our dining room this year because we don’t have a dining room table (yet!) and there’s a nice big window so people can see the tree from the road.

Ready to be decorated!

Ready to be decorated!

Now I might be biased but I seriously think it’s the most gorgeous tree I’ve ever seen! I didn’t quite plan for such a big tree so I need to buy more lights and our house needs more Christmas decorations but I’d say it’s a pretty good start ๐Ÿ™‚

Finished product.. Gorgeous!

Finished product.. Gorgeous!

Tree skirt

Tree skirt

Non-traditional tree topper

Non-traditional tree topper

Found this instead of a wreath

Found this instead of a wreath

New Traditions

So today I finally convinced my husband to let us buy a real tree for Christmas. I’m sick of our fake Christmas tree that we’ve had for the last 2 years. And our house smells ridiculously awesome right now! Helloooo real tree!!! It’s our first Christmas in our (new-ish) house and I’m so excited I can barely contain myself! We’ve officially started our own family traditions! More tomorrow – maybe!

Ps. I’ve had too much wine!!